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Episode 2: Exclusive Benefits

Publicado en mayo de 2019

Secret Sauce Series

Episode 2: Exclusive Benefits

When you choose to floorplan with GM Financial, you're making an investment in the future of your dealership because we're here exclusively for you.

Our team of experts is well-equipped to move your business forward because we're focused exclusively on auto financing for GM dealers. Take advantage of the benefits:

Unlock added benefits to help maximize profitability

  • Additional Dealer Dividends® rewards and earning potential
  • Benefits built into products, services and rewards are designed to keep your cash flow strong
  • Reduced GMF DealerSource® buy fees, 30-day interest free financing on Off-Lease vehicle purchases and access to exclusive remarketing promotions

Dedicated relationships

  • A consultative Commercial Account Manager (CAM) for one-to-one support
  • Additional attention paid to your inventory needs and goals
  • Extra insights available in your custom Dealer Performance Report
  • Long-term commitment to dealers in the GM family

A focus on your goals

  • A holistic program designed to drive incremental new vehicle sales
  • Seamless financing experience driving customers back to your dealership
  • Full suite of commercial products that can help realize your dealership’s objectives

Ready to taste the difference? Take a 120-day Test Drive. Contact your GM Financial rep today or call 1-866-537-5051 to learn more.


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